The GoBeep business app is a platform that transforms raw consumer data collected in GoBeep's consumer mobile experience into actionable insights to drive deeper engagement and higher revenue for businesses. 

I led design from research to final output; including stakeholder interviews, market analysis, personas, wireframes, visual design, and working with development to bring the product to market. 

Client: GoBeep, Inc. 

Role: Product Design Lead

Duration: 6 months

Status: Live




GoBeep is a pre-revenue SaaS software startup that empowers businesses to leverage consumer data by facilitating increased trust and intimacy between customers and their favorite brands. 

What does that mean? It means that in an era in which customer loyalty is harder to come by, businesses are reliant on public reviews and paid advertising to stay competitive. As a result, it is harder to build sustainable relationships with customers, especially those who are skeptical that their data will be misused.

The business platform collects data from the GoBeep consumer mobile experience and transforms them into actionable insights that businesses can use to engage more deeply with customers and make the most of their marketing spend. The result is increased revenue.


How does GoBeep make money? GoBeep collects payment in monthly subscriptions from businesses using the platform.


To kickoff, GoBeep is starting in the craft beer space to prove product-market fit with fast sales cycles. Initial research shows that breweries and taprooms struggle to leverage consumer data, deal with backlash from negative public reviews, and optimize their marketing efforts.

Photography by Adam Della @adam.della


Given the context, my challenge was to design a data analytics tool that accomplishes the following:

+ Closes the gap between consumer frustration with data privacy and the business need for customer data.

+ Utilizes a flexible template that works across a variety of industries  for future product expansion. 

+ Addresses business needs in the emerging craft brewing space.


Conducted interviews with eight business stakeholders for insight on their industry experience and how consumer data is leveraged in the craft beer space. 

+ Conducted a comparative market analysis of enterprise software that focuses on consumer loyalty (Fivestars, Clover) and helps businesses elevate their image (TouchBistro, Punchh).


Even highly rated customer loyalty apps offer impersonal incentives, as rewards do not go beyond basic discounts and offers.

+ Owners see their businesses as extensions of themselves, so the experience should help them express themselves through their brand.


+ The craft beer scene is becoming more diverse, so breweries are interested in tracking customer behavior, demographics, and feedback.


steven-erixon-VUHOlNZEhPs-unsplash (1).j


Taproom Owner

+ Leads marketing, product growth, and culture

+ Plans events and campaigns to promote his taproom around causes he supports

+ Wants to predict turnout at events

+ Unsure how to use data to expand his business

+ Skeptical and jaded regarding new technology in the craft beer space


Head Brewer

+ Responsible for creating brews and overseeing the entire brewing process

+ Involved in operational aspects of the business

+ Struggles to balance all of his responsibilities

+ Skeptical and jaded regarding new technology in the craft beer space


Brewery Marketer

+ Jack of all trades who plans events, creates product demand, and manages social media

+Works with leadership to create content that aligns with brand values and objectives

+ Promotes the brand while being cost effective

+ Open to new technology if she can see results


Dashboard - 1.jpg

It was essential to design a comprehensive, yet digestible dashboard, that helps to optimize business' marketing efforts.

The challenge was deciding the essential pieces of data for the MVP based on budget, stakeholder feedback, client suggestions, as well as integration with the consumer app.

Business Profile.png

A key differentiator of GoBeep is that it facilitates branded experiences within the consumer app.

The challenge was determining the best way for businesses to customize their content (business profile, offers, membership) in a cost effective way.

Customer Feedback.png

Breweries struggle to keep up with consumer review platforms, but see them as a necessary evil.

The design evolved from mirroring existing review platforms to the approach of consumers writing 'mini-blogs' to promote productive feedback while lessening the workload for businesses. 

Offers - Redemption - Filled Out.jpg

A common question the team had to answer was 'I already have all these tools, why should I use this?'.

Therefore, it was important to cut down on extra workload for businesses. To do this, I explored ways in which the product could work with existing tools. This was a key selling point in getting breweries to sign up for beta testing. 

GoBeep transforms raw data from consumers who have opted into sharing their data into actionable insights. This provides breweries the tools to grow their business by measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on the consumer app. 


GoBeep helps breweries track and manage their memberships all in one place, a huge step up from their current analog system.


GoBeep features 'mini-blogs' from consumers in place of traditional reviews. which promotes productive feedback while lessening the workload for businesses to respond to superfluous commentary. 

5A (1).png

Businesses can set up targeted offers to consumers who have opted to share their data and linking them to existing platforms. This allows breweries to target specific consumers based on membership and beer preferences while alleviating extra workload.


GoBeep helps breweries showcase their brand by providing a template for businesses to customize content and aesthetic elements.



The minimum viable product is live. GoBeep has plans to expand into wine, cannabis, and hospitality in the next five years.